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Sea Freight

We can provide you with a customized fright solution tailored to your needs


Our Ocean Freight Services Include:
  • Full Container Load (FCL):

    Use FCL ocean freight shipping for valuable cargo that you wouldn’t want to transport with other cargo (LCL).

  • Less than Container Load (LCL):

    LCL shipping means you’ll share container space with others that are also shipping cargo. This can be a more cost-effective option for shipping smaller loads overseas.


Cars Freight

An integral part of moving your vehicle overseas is first transporting it to a facility to have it loaded into a container. The majority of customers rely on our network of trusted open and enclosed car carriers to deliver their vehicles safely using top-rated drivers.

We provide reliable vehicle logistics when shipping your vehicles overseas from the United States. Typically we ship cars using shipping containers placed on ocean vessels. Cars are safely collected using open or enclosed car carriers, and transported to a loading facility where they are securely loaded inside a shipping container by an experienced team.

This is the safest and most reliable way to ship new and used vehicles. Cars are loaded into shipping containers, which are then trucked to the port and placed on an ocean vessel.

Cars Loading

Shipping vehicles by container offer both security and added safety when cargo is being transported by sea. Your goods (such as a car & personal effects) are loaded and secured inside the container with chocks and straps.
we ship cars using shipping containers placed on ocean vessels. Cars are safely collected using OPEN OR ENCLOSED CAR CARRIERS, and transported to a loading facility where they are securely loaded inside a shipping container by an experienced team.
We can ship your cars in FCL and LCL to and destinations in the world.

Heavy equipment and RORO Services

RoRo is the most preferred shipping method to ship vehicles from one port to the other. In fact, it is also the fastest method of transportation that will free you of any additional expenses.
Dynamic Export is the most reliable Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) shipping service for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. We’re the experts in vehicle shipping whether you are moving your vehicle across the country or across oceans.
When all your vehicles to be shipped arrive at our warehouse, and we have received the ownership documents for them, we will move your vehicle(s) to the vessel for loading. RORO shipping does not place the vehicle in a container for shipment. Instead, the vehicle is driven onto the vessel and parked in line with other vehicles that are being RORO shipped and is secured to the vessel’s deck for international shipping.
We ship any type of roll-on, roll-off cargo such as automobiles, trailers, tractors, motor homes, or any type of heavy machinery or equipment on wheels that can easily be rolled on and off Ro-Ro vessels for transport.

Boats Freight

We specialize in shipping boats and yachts overseas in containers, on flat-racks, and via roll-on/roll-off service. We ship anywhere in the world including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.
An experienced boat shipping team is here to take care of your international boat shipping needs. We specialize in shipping boats and yachts of all sizes between the United States and the world.


We know when it comes to shipping your boat, you want the safest transport at the best rate. With Dynamic, you can find just that! We’ll help you figure out how to transport a boat, help you find reliable transporters at the best rates, and give you tips on preparing your boat for transport. If the waters get choppy, we’re here to navigate you back on course with your boat transport.

Tracking Your container

The New Online Car Shipping Portal / See your shipments, view photos, documents, and more online.
Dynamic Export has made it easier to manage all of your car imports and exports. Now you can view documents, photos, real-time status updates, and more using our Online Portal.
3 features to help you ship:
# Real-time status updates
Want to know if your car has been shipped? Did it arrive at the warehouse yet? When will it ship? You can track your cargo each step of the way

# High quality photos
We now take high quality photos of your car the moment it arrives to one of our warehouses. View and download photos online, from anywhere, at any time.

# Invoices & documents
Get access to your invoices and balances at an instant. Documents are attached and can be viewed and downloaded at any time.

Sea Freight

Whether shipping full container loads, less-than-container loads, breakbulk & project cargo, or Ro-Ro, our innovative problem solver can easily connect the points within the supply chain between ocean carriers, transportation, and rail service providers, terminals, warehouses, and Customs. We provide our clients with global and competitive logistics services of consistently high quality. We offer excellent international shipping rates for Port – to – Port (CY-CY), Door – to – Port (SD-CY), Port – to – Door (CY – SD), and Door – to – Door (SD-SD) services. Due to our global network of over 1500 partners, we serve worldwide, with the focus on shipments to West Africa, Middle East, South and Central America, and Europe.
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